Welcome to The Oz Nose Project

The Oz Nose Project (The Open Source Nose) was established at the beginning of 2013 to foster collaboration and research in the area of upper respiratory tract and nasal research. The nasal cavity is a major passage for the transport of oxygen into the lung, providing olfactory function and acting as a primary filtering mechanism for foreign particulate matter. The location and structure of this cavity also provides a means for targeted drug delivery to the brain to treat diseases such as Alzheimer's and Meningitis. Due to the complexity of this organ, disorders and infection in the nasal cavity are common (i.e. viral and fungal infection, cilia disfunction or sleep disorders etc). Subsequently, there is significant scope for developing new methodologies to study the nasal cavity and to develop technological advances in the area of drug delivery.

The Oz Nose Project consortia was established to tackle these problems via a collaborative forum. Members of the consortia meet and develop strategies and research projects based around the Theme.  The members then work on discrete projects, focussed on solving the big picture issue. For specific news relating to current projects please visit our Blog.

The Oz Nose Project Consortium

The Oz Nose Project consortia consist of academics from a wide range of backgrounds and institutions. We believe the key to a translation research program is dependent on a truly multidisciplinary team. Subsequently the members are from diverse areas of research including informatics, image processing, physiology, cell biology, medical device technology and drug delivery. Current members are from The University of Sydney, University of Technology (UTS), Concord Hospital, Woolcock Institute of Medical research and the Royal North Shore Hospital. For a list of specific consortia members please follow the link below: